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    Taryn & Brian Smitty’s Hollywood Glam Inspired Wedding in New Jersey

    Our Wedding held at The Venetian was so much fun. It was mostly because of our wonderful friends and family but also because of my tedious and meticulous planning to have a laid back but incredibly entertaining party. It started with the bridal parties in our rooms getting ready while our guests arrived and were [...]

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  • Tid Bit of Information about the Galaxy SmartWatch

    So not as awesome as the commercial makes it out to be. The Galaxy Gear Smartwatch only works with the Galaxy Note 3 and with a limited range of 10 meters (32 feet). I chatted with a rep (or bot?) from Sprint. Megan: Thank you for visiting Sprint. What questions can I answer for you today? You: i’d [...]

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  • Taryn and Brian Smith : 10.13.13

    Our wedding is almost here!   These were the Invites that were sent out! The “grey” is actually spot UV, which looks way better in person.       Here is a close up of the front of the invite. It is the exact cover of the movie.

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    At Unique Photo we’re always looking for reasons to test out products…to help better inform the customer of course Unique University instructor Taryn Truese was gracious enough to make this little write-up about her experiment with just one speedlight and a simple accessory that every photographer should have in their gear bag.  ”Can one simple [...]

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  • Shooting Outside

    I just finished an outside shoot in of all places, my friend’s backyard. I had another friend that designed a dress for me to photograph and a local model, Kasia met up with me to shoot. I have been practicing off camera lighting and recently purchased two Nissin 866mii. Well, within the first 25 minutes [...]

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  • My Epicness is bound to Disappoint

    So, this is what showed up on my friend’s facebook feed… Read bottom to top.     NOTE: my photoshop creation is a visual joke on my wedding invitation, but I’m not releasing it until after the invites go out.

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  • my attempt to add a Landline…

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    Just keep in mind, I have never missed an episode of Game of Thrones. [EDIT: After posting this I realize that "SOME GUY???" is actually "Rob Baratheon's Brother" Also, some of the characters labeled are not even remotely correct...]  

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  • How Modifiers Shape Light & Shadow

    I broke out with some of my favorite light modifiers to bring examples on how they shape light and shadow.     Written by Nick from Unique Photo. Click here to read the full Article: http://blog.uniquephoto.com/light-modifiers-101-with-taryn/

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  • _MG_8188

    Using my Speedlight for Pet Adoptions

    One major reason I wanted to get some speedlights was so I can visit an adoption facility with very little equipment and still capture some lovable shots.

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    Lower Calorie Buffalo Sauced Dinner

    One blog I enjoy reading is from a Facebook acquaintance Kristine (myfitdecision.wordpress.com)  I have  never met her in person, but she is really inspiring) Recently, I saw a blog post for Buffalo Cauliflower. So based off her recipe that she modified from PETAs recipe, I made a similar dinner. This is how I modified the [...]

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  • _MG_3733

    Pet Photography v3.5 : Retro Laser Background!

    My clients were so excited to have their pets photographed on a Laser Light background from the 80s!

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